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Kite Medical

Kite medical has developed a novel device for detecting Kidney Reflux in children with Urinary Tract Infections. The non-invasive diagnostic solution for kidney reflux removes the need for complicated procedures and a hospital visit.

Kidney reflux is the most common urological disorder in childhood, affecting up to three per cent of young children. It is most prevalent from six months to five years of age. The condition may resolve as the child gets older, but left undiagnosed and untreated it can lead to permanent kidney damage and ultimately to kidney failure.

“Diagnosing kidney reflux is traumatic and involves a lot of discomfort for the child. Our technology is based around a belt-like device the child wears. Our aim is to encourage screening for the condition, as by screening the children at risk early detection of clinically-significant cases is greatly improved.”

Sarah Loughney, Founder

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